Univision Zoom Camera Module

At the heart of an advanced PTZ security camera lies Univision Zoom Block Camera, a core component from Hangzhou Huanyu Vision Technology Co., Ltd., delivering unparalleled zoom capability and control. The Univision Zoom Block Camera integrates a motorized continuous zoom lens up to 1000mm, a high-resolution image sensor and cutting-edge image processing for maximum monitoring power and intelligent flexibility.

Experience up to 20km of observation distance. Zoom in for the closest details or pan wide for the biggest picture. Univision’s superior optical image stabilization opens up a world of possibility for long distance, high magnification viewing.

When privacy is a priority, enable privacy masking through Univision’s embedded image processing algorithms. No physical occlusion required. Simply black out sensitive areas in your video feed while maintaining the benefits of remote PTZ control and a live monitoring connection.

As the pinnacle of PTZ camera technology, Univision Zoom Block Camera offers: 

•Ultra-powerful 1000mm motorized zoom lens for distances far and wide. Zoom dynamically or preset positions for instant recall. •SONY high sensitivity CMOS sensor, max 4K resolution, renders the finest details even in the most challenging lighting and environmental conditions.

•Univision’s proprietary image signal processing delivers unmatched clarity, color and contrast through features like noise reduction, wide dynamic range and precise color rendition even at maximum zoom.

•Optional advanced EIS provides steady, judder-free video at all zoom levels for a smooth, professional PTZ camera experience. •Industry-standard communication (PELCO D/P, VISCA) allows drop-in integration with most systems.

For remote monitoring without limits, there is only Univision. Scale your surveillance to 20km and see every detail like never before with the Univision Zoom Block Camera. Precision zoom, pristine imaging and intelligent privacy masking—monitoring and control redefined. 

Take your system to the leading edge. Learn more at www.unviot.com. Distance is no obstacle. Detail is redefined. Control is complete. Univision.

Post time: May-18-2023

Post time: 09-19-2023
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