Univision UV-ZN4286-O, Ultra Long Range OIS Camera

Introducing Optical Image Stabilization: A Revolutionary Feature for Remote Surveillance Cameras Say goodbye to blurry images captured by remote surveillance cameras! Introducing Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), a game changer in camera technology.  

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is a technology that adjusts the lens to eliminate shake and shake in hand-held or long-distance surveillance cameras. OIS works by detecting device motion using sensors such as gyroscopes or accelerometers, and then using specialized motors to adjust the lens position to maintain visual stability. In other words, when the device is moved or shaken, the lens moves in reverse and counteracts those movements. This allows the image to maintain the desired sharpness and stability. Unlike digital image stabilization (digital anti-shake), OIS uses the effect of physical lenses to reduce image blur caused by motion. OIS typically processes images of higher quality than digital image stabilization because it does not cause image compression or distortion. In summary, OIS works by using a specialized system of sensors and motors to adjust the lens position to remove jitter and blur caused by camera movement, resulting in a clearer and more stable image.

OIS is a specialized feature designed for remote surveillance cameras that helps eliminate image distortion caused by camera shake and movement. With OIS, the camera's footage remains steady and adapts to motion thanks to advanced sensor technology. This results in a clear and sharp surveillance image without the need for additional stabilization equipment. The result is a more accurate and reliable monitoring experience, which is critical for safety and security purposes. In addition to reducing camera shake and image distortion, OIS also allows remote surveillance cameras to produce better quality images in low light conditions. This is especially important for cameras used in low-light environments such as warehouses or parking lots. Whether for professional or personal use, OIS provides unmatched stability and precision for remote surveillance cameras, making it a valuable addition to any surveillance system. With Optical Image Stabilization, your remote surveillance camera can capture more detail and deliver high-quality footage, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability for your surveillance needs.

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