The Ultimate Macro Imaging Component

- The Univision UV-ZNS5120 Zoom Camera Module


The Univision UV-ZNS5120 is a powerful 20x optical zoom camera module designed for integration into larger OEM imaging systems and equipment. With its class-leading 20x magnification, 10cm minimum focus distance and 5MP high resolution output, the UV-ZNS5120 allows for cutting edge macro imaging capabilities in a compact, robust package.

The Ultimate Macro Imaging Component

Key specifications include:
•20x optical zoom: Achieve up to 20x magnification for extreme macro close-ups down to 10cm. Capture fine details not possible with standard fixed lens or lower zoom alternatives.
•5MP IP/ 4MPHDMI output up to 30fps: Output ultra-high resolution 5MP still images and full motion video up to 30 frames per second over IP or HDMI for system integration.Enables advanced image capture and processing.

•Fast autofocus to 10cm: Advanced autofocus algorithms quickly lock onto subjects as close as 10cm for precise macro focusing. Ensures blur-free, sharply focused close-up images even at high zoom.
•F2.6 to F3.2 aperture: Adjustable aperture range allows some light transmission control for optimizing depth of field at high zoom. enables faster shutter speeds to reduce motion blur when needed.
•Rugged metal body: Solid machined aluminum body is resistant to impact, scratches and weather for use in demanding commercial environments. No exposed lenses protects internal optics.
•Compact footprint: Ultra-compact form factor takes up minimal space for easy integration into larger systems with size constraints. Lightweight at only 380g.
For full product details and specifications, please see:

Overall, the UV-ZNS5120 is perfectly suited to microscope integration, PCB inspection systems, medical scanning equipment, image capture and archiving solutions or any application requiring extreme macro capabilities. With 20x zoom, 5MP resolution and adjustable aperture, it delivers superior imaging perfor

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