Quantum Encrypted Communication for Univision Camera-Huanyu Vision

Univision Quantum Encrypted Communication

For ease of understanding. Univision uses self-developed encryption chip algorithms to encrypt network transmission data. The encryption method uses quantum computing, and the video platform cooperates with quantum decryption technology for information exchange. The advantages of quantum technology itself are similar to burning after reading. As long as someone tries to crack and decrypt, the information will be damaged, and the process is irreversible and the information cannot be recovered. It has great strategic significance for the protection of information.

This encryption algorithm can be applied to all cameras provided by Univision

Quantum encryption communication technology refers to a network that uses quantum key distribution for secure communication among multiple communication nodes. The quantum key generated between each node can encrypt and decrypt traditional communication data such as voice, image and digital multimedia. Since quantum communication lines cannot bypass eavesdropping or intercept eavesdropping by hooking up, as long as they are eavesdropped, the quantum state will change and the communication content will be changed to prevent the original text from being detected, thereby achieving secure communication.

Quantum communication combines the results of modern physics and optical communication technology research, and the basic principles of physics ensure the unconditional security of the key distribution process. Quantum key distribution can be divided into two types based on measurement and entangled state according to the characteristics of the quantum state used. Entangled state-based quantum communication uses the quantum entanglement effect when transmitting information, that is, when two coupled microscopic particles, when the state of one particle is measured, the state of the other particle will be obtained at the same time.

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