Capture Sharper Thermal Images with a Shutterless Camera

Univision offers shutterless LWIR cameras for industrial automation, machine vision and scientific research applications. Compared to traditional cameras with mechanical shutters, shutterless cameras offer significant advantages:

• An ultra-fast frame rate of up to 60 Hz enables the shutterless camera to instantly capture fast-moving objects and dynamic processes without motion blur or image lag. The high frame rate is ideal for applications such as monitoring rapid temperature changes or analyzing fluid flow.

• Accurate temperature measurement down to 30 mK enables shutterless cameras to detect extremely small temperature differences, critical for research and highly controlled industrial processes.

Univision shutterless long-wave infrared cameras are suitable for high-precision temperature screening, non-contact temperature measurement, short-wave infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis of moving objects and other applications that require high sensitivity, fast imaging speed and accurate temperature detection.
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Post time: Jun-02-2023

Post time: 09-19-2023
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