• Auto Tracking

    Auto Tracking

    Huanyu Vision optical zoom camera equipped auto tracking function Accurately lock on to the target and keep track until out of detection range Auto tracking function could be install all of our long range zoom camera module
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  • Huanyu Vision Wish You Have A Happy New Year

    Huanyu Vision Wish You Have A Happy New Year

    Huanyu Vision Professional Zoom Camera Module Wish You Have A Happy New Year Too many unforgettable things have happened in this extraordinary year of 2021. At this moment, Huanyu Vision congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect healt...
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  • Quantum Encrypted Communication for Univision Camera-Huanyu Vision

    Univision Quantum Encrypted Communication For ease of understanding. Univision uses self-developed encryption chip algorithms to encrypt network transmission data. The encryption method uses quantum computing, and the video platform cooperates with quantum decryption technology for information ex...
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  • 2021 CPSE Exhibition Invitation on Public Safety and Security

    Dear guests: Thank you for your long-term attention and support to our brand. This year is our breakthrough year. Univision focuses on cutting-edge video image technology research, camera product development and production, and is committed to becoming a global leader in zoom cameras. The company...
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  • What is a zoom camera?

    The focal length can be changed within a certain range to obtain different wide and narrow field angles. Camera lenses with different sizes of images and different scene ranges are called zoom lenses. In the case of a certain object distance of the lens, as the focal length of the lens becomes la...
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  • Optical Defog Cameras

    One of the new problems in recent years is the emergence of smog. The haze brings a severe test to the video surveillance system, which is mainly manifested in several aspects: the reflected light on the surface of the object is attenuated due to the scattering of atmospheric particles, resulting...
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  • Company Relocation

    Hangzhou Huanyu Vision Technology Co., Ltd Relocation May 31, 2021. This is a day when flowers were in full bloom, we moved the company to new location. Huanyu established in 2019, in two years of growth we have more than 50 staffs now. We have been adhering to the concept of technological inno...
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  • Principles & Applications of Defog Zoom Lens

    Defog zoom lens is the fog and haze penetration technology. It can penetrate and get clear pictures and videos in fog and haze weather, to reduce the impact on the bad weather. Generally, it can be divided into electronic defog (algorithmic defog) and optical defog (physical defog). The former on...
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