• INTERSEC 2024

    Congratulations to Univision on the successful conclusion of the INTERSEC 2024 security exhibition in Dubai.
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    A perfect end to the trip in MilanAt the SECREZZA 2023 MILAN exhibition we exhibited our latest black light camera modules, dual light modules and super telephoto cameras, and received unanimous prais
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  • Univision’s 4MP 2560×1440 lens module brings unprecedented long-distance clarity.

    With multi-group optical design and spherical lens elements, the focus is clear throughout the zoom. Bringing new possibilities for long-distance vision applications.Key Features:•Zoom 10mm~860mm: Pro
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  • Ultra-Clear Thermal Vision with HD Imaging

    Univision’s new high definition thermal imaging camera delivers ultra-sharp 1280×1024 pixel resolution for the clearest thermal vision on the market. See subtle differences, fine details, and small ta
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  • See the World in High Resolution Thermal Imaging

    Univision’s new cooled thermal camera offers a stunning 1280×1024 pixel resolution to capture rich details in thermal images over a wide range of temperatures. The cooled microbolometer sensors enable
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  • Capture Sharper Thermal Images with a Shutterless Camera

    Univision offers shutterless LWIR cameras for industrial automation, machine vision and scientific research applications. Compared to traditional cameras with mechanical shutters, shutterless cameras
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  • How to judge the quality of thermal imaging images

    1. Resolution and detail recognition: The higher the number of pixels of the thermal imager, the higher the image resolution, and the richer and clearer the details that can be recognized and displaye
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  • See Farther and Clearer with High-Performance Thermal PTZ Cameras

    Univision offers high-end long-range thermal pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras for 24/7 all-weather monitoring and surveillance. Our thermal PTZ cameras utilize state-of-the-art uncooled thermal detector te
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  • See the Unseen with Univision Thermal Imaging

    The Univision Thermal Pan/Tilt Camera uses advanced thermal imaging technology to detect subtle temperature differences invisible to the human eye. Accurately monitor equipment, facilities and the env
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  • The Ultimate Macro Imaging Component

    - The Univision UV-ZNS5120 Zoom Camera Module The Univision UV-ZNS5120 is a powerful 20x optical zoom camera module designed for integration into larger OEM imaging systems and equipment. With its cla
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  • Univision Zoom Camera Module

    At the heart of an advanced PTZ security camera lies Univision Zoom Block Camera, a core component from Hangzhou Huanyu Vision Technology Co., Ltd., delivering unparalleled zoom capability and control
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  • Univision UV-ZN4286-O, Ultra Long Range OIS Camera

    Introducing Optical Image Stabilization: A Revolutionary Feature for Remote Surveillance Cameras Say goodbye to blurry images captured by remote surveillance cameras! Introducing Optical Image Stabili
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