Multi-Sensor PTZ Camera

  • Multi-sensor 100mm Thermal PTZ Camera

    Multi-sensor 100mm Thermal PTZ Camera

    UV-DMS6300/4300-100 Multi-Spectrum Electronic Sentinel Camera

    Electronic sentinel camera are based on the latest sixth-generation uncooled infrared technology, high-definition visible light imaging technology, AI intelligent analysis technology, laser lighting/ranging technology, sound and light rejection technology, wireless transmission technology, power consumption control technology, according to intelligent Based on the design principles of modernization, high-energy, light-weight, modularization and military products, it is an intelligent surveillance camera that integrates day and night monitoring, intelligent analysis, and active defense. It has the characteristics of wide application, flexible deployment, unattended, high degree of intelligence, and strong environmental adaptability.


  • Multi-sensor 75mm Thermal PTZ Camera

    Multi-sensor 75mm Thermal PTZ Camera

    UV-DMS6300/4300-75 Multi-Spectrum Electronic Sentinel Camera

    The infrared thermal imaging camera module uses a high-sensitivity 640×512/384×288 resolution 12μm ultra-fine resolution uncooled focal plane imaging detector and a miniaturized infrared lens, with advanced digital circuits and image processing algorithms, and the image is delicate and smooth; The laser camera adopts a full HD color black and white dual mode low illumination CMOS sensor, a small HD day and night HD lens and a high-efficiency miniaturized flood laser illuminator; the structure adopts an integrated quasi-spherical design, horizontal 360° continuous rotation, tilt ±90° Rotating, the volume and weight of the whole machine are greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the cost of construction and improves the timeliness of construction. The product is embedded with AI intelligent video analysis block module, and adopts advanced intelligent image processing algorithms, which can distinguish the behavior of monitored objects in different environments; the built-in advanced intelligent tracking engine can continuously track moving or stationary objects, and automatically adapt to various Complex detection environment. The product setting is simple, the detection area and the alarm rule are set conveniently and quickly, and the learning cost is low, which can greatly reduce manpower, financial resources and material resources.

    The equipment shell is made of super aluminum alloy, IP67 protection grade; spherical design, strong wind resistance; surface treatment uses PTA three-proof coating, strong corrosion resistance; to ensure that the equipment is long-term in harsh outdoor environments such as sand, wind, and salt spray Stable operation.

  • Multi-sensor 50mm Thermal PTZ Camera

    Multi-sensor 50mm Thermal PTZ Camera

    UV-DMS6300/4300-50 Multi-Spectrum Electronic Sentinel Camera

    The product replaces human eyes with infrared thermal imaging cameras and laser cameras, replaces human brains with intelligent algorithms and deep learning, uses sound and light to prevent real-time countermeasures, integrates detection, analysis, and rejection, and completely subverts traditional civil defense technology. Defense mode.