4MP 90x Network Zoom Camera Module

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90x 4MP Starlight Ultra Long Range Digital Camera Module

  • 1T intelligent computing power,Supports deep algorithm learning to improve the performance of intelligent event algorithms
  • 4MP(2688×1520),Output Full HD :2688×1520@30fps Live Image.
  • Support H.265/H.264/MJPEG Video Compression Algorithm ,Multi-level Video Quality Configuration and Encoding Complexity Settings
  • Starlight Low Illumination Sensor,0.0005Lux/F1.4(color),0.0001Lux/F1.4(B/W) ,0 Lux when open IR
  • 90X Optical Zoom,16X Digital Zoom


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Product Description

  • The 90x HD 10.5~945mm long-distance zoom camera module motorized zoom lens
  • Using integrated design, the imaging sensor and focusing lens are integrated internally to ensure the integrity of the product. It supports the VISCA protocol and the PELCO protocol, and is easy to integrate into the PTZ.
  • The powerful 90x zoom, optical defogging, and its own system temperature compensation scheme ensure a panoramic view of the environment of the field of view. High-end optical glass with good clarity. Large aperture design, low illumination performance.
  • Equipped with a special temperature compensation device, it can work normally under extreme temperature conditions and provide you with professional images.
  • Compared with the traditional ultra-telephoto movement, our camera has a smaller size and weight, and is easier to integrate into various pan-tilt devices
  • The sturdy housing design ensures that the camera is not damaged during transportation and use.
  • Specially designed and manufactured for high-end PTZ cameras, all using the most advanced hardware, optimized by our optimal algorithm, showing the best picture quality
  • Optical fog transmission, which greatly improves the foggy image effect
  • Support 3-stream Technology, each stream can be independently configured with resolution and frame rate
  • ICR automatic switching, 24 hours day and night monitoring
  • Backlight Compensation, Automatic Electronic Shutter ,adapt to different monitoring environment
  • Support 3D Digital Noise Reduction, High light Suppression, Electronic Image Stabilization, 120dB Optical Wide Dynamic
  • 255 Preset,8 patrols
  • Timed Capture and Event Capture
  • One-click watch and One-click cruise functions
  • 1 audio input and 1 audio output
  • Built-in 1 alarm input and 1 alarm output, support alarm linkage function
  • Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card storage up to 256G
  • Rich interfaces for convenient function expansion
  • Small size and low power consumption, easy to access PTZ
  • The ultra-high-definition ultra-long-distance optical zoom lens is matched with the encoding board and control board designed by our company for high-end optical lenses to restore the picture effect closest to the real world through a special algorithm. The maximum observation distance is more than 30km, which is suitable for forest fire protection. Border defense, coastal defense, high-definition remote observation for ships, maritime rescue and other scenes that require long-distance observation, even in dim light conditions can still see objects clearly.


Special monitoring system for rail transit The system is mainly composed of a front-end long-distance laser night vision system, a transmission system and a back-end monitoring center. Set up a laser camera according to the scope of the area to be monitored, install it on the pan/tilt, and the pan/tilt can be controlled by the control center. The video signal and control signal are encoded by the video server and then connected to the light through the network optical transceiver, and transmitted to the control center. The video image and alarm monitoring information are displayed in real time at the back end. Once suspicious persons, vehicle activities or cross-border behaviors are found, control signals can be sent through the front end of the control center system to control the PTZ and cameras to track the target. The control center can analyze the situation and issue command orders to the patrol personnel.


Forest fire is one of the world’s important forestry disasters. With the continuous development of China’s afforestation industry, fire prevention has become the primary task. Building forest fire prevention early warning is an important part of realizing forest fire safety and stability. The essential foundation is an important part of the construction of “prevention of forest fires” and has become an important carrier for forest protection. With the continuous development of China’s afforestation industry, fire prevention has become the top priority. Forest fire prevention must It is necessary to implement the policy of “prevention first and active rescue” to truly achieve early detection and early resolution. With the increasing maturity of monitoring technology, Huanyu Vision’s intelligent thermal image fire prevention early warning system has been widely used in the field of forest fire prevention monitoring. How to build an “early detection and early resolution” intelligent forest fire prevention early warning system, and how to build a monitoring system that serves public security services are difficult problems in the process of forest fire prevention under the new situation. Combining with the current development trend, Huanyu Vision is based on the needs of forest fire prevention, and around building a forest fire prevention and control circle, Huanyu Vision has launched an intelligent thermal image fire prevention early warning program, which provides the core for comprehensive applications such as forestry prevention and control, rescue, command and decision-making. Global service support.


The forest is the air purifier; the forest has a natural anti-epidemic effect; the forest is a natural oxygen plant; the forest is a natural muffler; the forest has a regulating effect on the climate; the forest changes low air flow, prevents wind and sand, reduces floods, raises water sources, and preserves water and soil The forest has the function of dust removal and filtration of sewage; the forest is the habitat of many animals and the growth place of many types of plants. It is the most active area of ​​the earth’s biological reproduction. With the development of modern high-tech, the advantages of optical zoom cameras with thermal imaging in forest fire prevention have become increasingly obvious. Since the infrared thermal imager is a device that reflects the surface temperature of an object, it can be used as an on-site monitoring device at night, and can also be used as an effective fire alarm device. In a large area of ​​forest, fires are often caused by unobvious hidden fires. of. This is the root cause of devastating fires, and it is difficult to find signs of such hidden fires with existing ordinary methods. The use of infrared thermal imaging cameras can quickly and effectively find these hidden fires, and can accurately determine the location and scope of the fire, and find the fire point through the smoke, so as to know and prevent and extinguish it early. Our visible light zoom camera with infrared thermal imaging has a strong ability to penetrate fog and water vapor, and is not affected by bad weather. Traditional video surveillance uses visible light to monitor. If there is haze, it is difficult to find the fire hidden behind the haze. The working band of thermal imaging is 3-5 microns with extremely high atmospheric transmittance and long-wave infrared of 8-14 microns. The attenuation of thermal imaging transmittance by fog and water vapor is very small. In haze weather, thermal imaging can be worn Through the fog and haze, there is a fire in the distance.



CameraImage Sensor1/1.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
Minimum IlluminationColor:0.0005 Lux @(F2.1,AGC ON);B/W:0.00012.1Lux @(F2.1,AGC ON)
Shutter1/25s to 1/100,000sSupports delayed shutter
Day/Night SwitchIR cut filter
Digital zoom16X
LensLensVideo OutputLVDS
Focal Length10.5-945mm90X Optical Zoom
Aperture RangeF2.1-F11.2
Horizontal Field of View38.4-0.46°wide-tele
Minimum Working Distance1m-10m (wide-tele)
ImageMaximum Resolution2688*1520Zoom SpeedApproximately 8s(optical lens, wide-tele)
Main Stream50Hz: 25fps (2688*1520,1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720); 60Hz: 30fps (2688*1520,1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720)
Image SettingsSaturation, Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness can be adjusted via the client-side or browser
Exposure ModeAE / Aperture Priority / Shutter Priority / Manual Exposure
Focus ModeAuto / One step / Manual/ Semi-Auto
Area Exposure / FocusSupport
Optical DefogSupport
Image StabilizationSupport
Day/Night SwitchAutomatic, manual, timing, alarm trigger
3D Noise ReductionSupport
NetworkStorage FunctionSupport micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card (256g) offline local storage, NAS (NFS, SMB / CIFS support)
Interface ProtocolONVIF(PROFILE S,PROFILE G),GB28181-2016
AI AlgorithmAI Computing Power1T
InterfaceExternal Interface36pin FFC (Network port, RS485, RS232, CVBS,SDHC, Alarm In/Out Line In/Out, power),LVDS
GeneralNetworkWorking Temperature-30℃~60℃, humidity≤95%(non-condensing)
Power supplyDC12V±25%
Power consumption2.5W MAX(I11.5W MAX)



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