2MP Starlight 72x Network Zoom Camera Module

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72x 2MP Starlight Network Camera Module
Excellent Compatibility for PT Unit Integration

  • Max Resolution: 2MP (1920×1080), Max Output: Full HD 1920×1080@30fps Live Image
  • Support H.265/H.264/MJPEG Video Compression Algorithm, Multi-level Video Quality Configuration and Encoding Complexity Settings
  • Starlight Low Illumination, 0.0005Lux/F1.4(Color),0.0001Lux/F1.4(B/W) ,0 Lux with IR
  • 72x Optical Zoom, 16x Digital Zoom
  • Support Motion Detection
  • Support 3-stream Technology, Each Stream Can Be Independently Configured With Resolution And Frame Rate

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  • UV-ZN2272 is a high-level high-definition fog-permeable telephoto camera designed for infrared day and night in the industry. Unique optical technology can provide fine black and white images at night to provide fine color images during the day. It is suitable for border detection, coastal defense, forest fire prevention, ports, railways, highways, ultra-low-light sensors and optical fog penetration functions, which can be seen farther and more clearly in haze weather.
  • The starlight-level image sensor optimized by our excellent algorithm can exert the best night vision performance under extremely low illumination conditions, and the vision system equipped with this camera can exert the best detection effect at night.
  • The 72x optical zoom can observe long-distance and unexpected objects. With various intelligent detection algorithms, no suspicious details can be missed. With the smooth signal transmission function, it can realize real-time video transmission while rotating the pan/tilt. Signals, such as laser rangefinders and infrared thermal imaging cameras, are superimposed on OSD signals to return target information and displayed on the screen to facilitate screening and inspection by security personnel.
  • ICR Automatic Switching, 24 Hours Day and Night Monitor
  • Support Backlight Compensation, Automatic Electronic Shutter, Adapt to Different Monitoring Environment
  • 3D Digital Noise Reduction, High light Suppression, Electronic Image Stabilization, 120dB Optical Width Dynamics
  • Optical Defog, Maximum Improves The Foggy Image
  • 255 Presets, 8 Patrols
  • Timed Capture and Event Capture
  • One-click Watch and One-click Cruise Functions
  • One Channel Audio Input and Output
  • Alarm Linkage Function with Built-in One Channel Alarm Input and Output
  • 256G Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC
  • Optional Interfaces for Convenient Function Expansion
  • Small Size and Low Power, Easy to Inset PT Unit, PTZ


Long range optical defog zoom camera is often used for petrochemical, electric power, border and coastal defense, dangerous goods storage place, large park, sea port and wharf, forest fire protection and other security monitoring places. 72x network zoom is the long range zoom design with max focal length 440mm. It is based on 1/1.8” Sony IMX 347 COMS sensor, which take excellent clear images.
The integrated zoom provides diversified interfaces, one-way input and output system. Suitable for outdoor occasions where need high-resolution and auto-focusing, traffic, low-illumination environment and other video monitoring occasions.

Excellent starlight-level camera effects, suitable for scenes with low light transmittance such as pipes and tunnels. With the support of the optical defogging function, it is not afraid of rain and fog.

Abundant interfaces increase the compatibility of the movement and the PTZ, and have all the digital and network interfaces of mainstream devices in the market.


Night vision monitoring is “blind”, it is difficult to cope with harsh environments, the degree of system integration is low, and the degree of intelligence is low
Long-distance night vision function: With a long-distance laser camera, it has a long-distance night vision capability of more than 1000 meters, which effectively solves the problem that conventional cameras cannot work in a pure dark environment at night.
Strong light suppression: optimizing infrared long-wave imaging and ultra-narrow laser optical window technology can effectively suppress glare saturation caused by car lights on CCD imaging, and can achieve clear imaging day and night under complex lighting environments of railways and highways.
All-weather monitoring: With strong fog, rain and snow penetration capability, backlight compensation can be adapted to a variety of lighting conditions to ensure clear images can be obtained in day, night and backlight conditions.
Centralized equipment management: Users can remotely log in to the central management server to centrally manage various equipment and resources in the system.
Multi-level system cascading: support multiple network protocols, support dynamic IP, front-end control products can automatically dial-up access to the network through ADSL, support CDMA1x, 3G wireless transmission.
Distributed storage management: It adopts distributed storage management technology to realize hierarchical and networked storage. It has multiple recording methods such as planning, linkage, and manual, as well as recording retrieval and return visit functions. It is convenient and quick to operate.
Video live broadcast: support unicast/multicast, multi-screen remote real-time monitoring, with packet round-trip function.
Two-way voice communication: audio intercom or broadcast can be performed at any network terminal to the front-end control point.
Linkage alarm management: After an alarm event occurs, the system can automatically trigger a series of preset linkages to realize the intelligence of the alarm system.
Virtual network matrix: The front-end monitoring point and video decoder can be bound arbitrarily to realize the network virtual matrix, and control the TV wall to realize monitoring and grouping conversion.
Hierarchical user management: Set up users at all levels according to different needs, and use different permissions to access different resources.
WEB browsing: Users can watch the video resources in the system in real time through IE browser anytime, anywhere, and manage resources with corresponding permissions.


We also focus on improving things management and application image procedures to ensure that we can stand out from the highly competitive Chinese HD camera manufacturers. Our cameras are widely used in military enterprises. The quality is trustworthy. We look forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you. Please Contact us for more information.
Military cameras, marine PTZ cameras, we have always been your reliable partner for our products in the international market. We focus on serving our customers, which is a key factor in strengthening our long-term relationship. The continuous supply of high-quality products combined with our excellent pre-sales and after-sales services ensure strong competitiveness in an increasingly globalized market. We are willing to cooperate with business friends at home and abroad to create a better future. Welcome to visit our factory. Looking forward to cooperating with you for a win-win situation.





Camera Image Sensor1/1.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
Minimum IlluminationColor:0.0005 Lux @ (F1.4, AGC ON); B/W:0.0001Lux @ (F1.4, AGC ON)
Shutter1/25s to 1/100,000s; Support delayed shutter
Day/Night SwitchICR cut filter
 Digital zoom16x
Lens Focal Length6.1-440mm, 72x Optical Zoom
Aperture RangeF1.4-F4.7
Horizontal Field of View65.5-1.3° (wide-tele)
Minimum Working Distance100mm-2500mm (wide-tele)
Zoom SpeedApproximately 6s (optical, wide-tele)
Compression Standard Video CompressionH.265 / H.264 / MJPEG
H.265 TypeMain Profile
H.264 TypeBaseLine Profile / Main Profile / High Profile
Video Bitrate32 Kbps~16Mbps
Audio CompressionG.711a/G.711u/G.722.1/G.726/MP2L2/AAC/PCM
Audio Bitrate64Kbps(G.711)/16Kbps(G.722.1)/16Kbps(G.726)/32-192Kbps(MP2L2)/16-64Kbps(AAC)
ImageMaximum Resolution1920*1080 Main Stream50Hz: 25fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720); 60Hz: 30fps(1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720)
Third Stream50Hz: 25fps (704×576); 60Hz: 30fps (704×576)
Image SettingsSaturation, Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness can be adjusted via the client-side or browser
Exposure ModeAE / Aperture Priority / Shutter Priority / Manual Exposure
Focus ModeAuto Focus / One Focus / Manual Focus / Semi-Auto Focus
Area Exposure / FocusSupport
Optical DefogSupport
Image StabilizationSupport
Day/Night SwitchAutomatic, manual, timing, alarm trigger
3D Noise ReductionSupport
Picture Overlay SwitchSupport BMP 24-bit image overlay, customizable area
Region of InterestSupport three streams and four fixed areas
NetworkStorage FunctionSupport Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card (256g) offline local storage, NAS (NFS, SMB / CIFS support)
InterfaceExternal Interface36pin FFC (Network port, RS485, RS232, CVBS, SDHC, Alarm In/Out
Line In/Out, power)
GeneralWorking Temperature-30℃~60℃, humidity≤95% (non-condensing)
Power supplyDC12V±25%
Power consumption2.5W MAX (ICR, 4.5W MAX)



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