2MP 33x Digital Zoom Explosion-Proof Camera Module

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EX iB Ⅱ B Gb

33x 2MP Starlight Digital Camera Module

  • Support Digital Signal LVDS and Network Signal Video Output
  • Max Resolution: 2MP (1920×1080), Max Output: Full HD 1920×1080@30fps Live Image
  • Starlight Low Illumination, 0.001Lux/F1.5(Color), 0.0005Lux/F1.5(B/W), 0 Lux with IR
  • 33x Optical Zoom, 16x Digital Zoom
  • ICR Automatic Switching, 24 Hours Day and Night Monitor
  • Excellent Low Illumination and Fine Image Quality
  • UV-ZN2133D is Univision’s best-selling product. The size of this product is suitable for most of the products on the market. It occupies a large market share of the movement. It has a super high cost performance and can be adapted to all AHD camera equipment. Provide Sony LVDS interface, as well as CVBS interface, professional R & D team can provide customers with various customized services


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Product Description

  • Support 3A Control (Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure, Auto Focus)
  • Support Backlight Compensation, Automatic Electronic Shutter, Adapt to Different Monitoring Environment
  • Support 3D Digital Noise Reduction, High Light Suppression, Electronic Image Stabilization, 120dB Optical Width Dynamics
  • Support 256G Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC
  • Optional Interfaces for Convenient Function Expansion
  • Small Size and Low Power, Easy to Inset PT Unit, PTZ


The 33x digital block camera module is based on 2MP Sony IMX328 CMOS sensor. It boasts the best performance for industrial and safety applications. Its 120 dB high dynamic range can deliver clear images even in different dark outdoor lighting condition. 33x digital camera can be used in crowded places, such as street, road, square, parking lot, super market, crossroads, GYM, station, etc.

It has multi interfaces and PTZ communication protocols that can meet the needs of various cameras. Our professional hardware R & D team can customize special interfaces according to the requirements of customers, and our software R & D team can customize the operation interfaces required by customers. Since we established, our company has served a variety of customers and provided countless customized services, all of these reflect the professionalism of our team.

Extremely strong compatibility and integrated features are the characteristics of UV-ZN2133D, which can be installed in most pan-tilt cameras without excessive integration operations


Advantages of laser night vision cameras
In recent years, more and more places need to be monitored 24 hours a day, especially at night, and especially in some special places, the concealment of the entire surveillance is required. Passive infrared thermal imaging camera has the advantages of long range, high concealment, ability to see through camouflage, smoke penetration, etc., but it also has disadvantages such as unclear image details and difficult to accurately identify. The existing domestic infrared LED lamp monitoring device The existence or concealment is poor, or the resolution is obviously insufficient, or the range of action is limited.
At present, the night vision technology that can truly achieve long-distance high-definition imaging is laser night vision technology. Laser lighting and CCD imaging technology are applied to night vision devices with laser-assisted lighting, which overcomes the limitation of traditional low-light-level night vision devices by illuminance. The hardware design and software programming of the control system and image processing have realized the automatic monitoring, tracking and alarm functions of the night vision device, and its range of action can reach several hundred meters to several kilometers.
High-definition laser camera, specially designed for the field of remote day and night monitoring, using active infrared laser as the illumination source, using high-resolution low-illuminance telephoto camera, capable of day and night
Continuous monitoring. At night, people, vehicles, facilities and other targets can be found as far away as 3000 meters.
The internal industrial-grade embedded control electronic system realizes the high stability control of the camera’s zoom, focus, video switching, and pan tilt/rotation. The overall shell is made of super aluminum alloy to achieve IP66 protection.
The protection level guarantees the long-term operation of the equipment in the harsh environment of the field.


The application scene of the fog penetration technology, which is specifically aimed at the air environment full of impurities such as water vapor, fog, haze, dust, rain and snow, and its purpose is to penetrate the impurities in the air to clearly obtain the remote monitoring objects Of the image. This is a way of cooperating with each other by means of optics, algorithms, etc., and automatically adjust the algorithm according to the image impurity concentration to achieve good correction of the picture, so as to obtain a clear image in sharp contrast with the real scene.
Fog penetration technology was initially promoted by scene applications such as border defense and coastal defense that are prone to fogging and require remote monitoring. Due to the lack of applications, only a small number of manufacturers have been promoting it for a long time. However, with the expansion of smog in mainland China, it has promoted all security manufacturers to study fog-permeable products.



Camera Image Sensor1/2.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
Minimum IlluminationColor:0.001 Lux @ (F1.5,AGC ON); B/W:0.0005Lux @ (F1.5,AGC ON)
Shutter1/25s to 1/100,000sSupports delayed shutter
ApertureDC drive
Day/Night SwitchICR cut filter
Digital zoom16x
Lens Focal Length5.5-180mm33x Optical Zoom
Aperture RangeF1.5-F4.0
Horizontal Field of View60.5-2.3°(wide-tele)
Minimum Working Distance100mm-1500mm (wide-tele)
Zoom SpeedApproximately 3.5s (optical, wide-tele)
Compression Standard Video CompressionH.265 / H.264 / MJPEG
H.265 TypeMain Profile
H.264 TypeBaseLine Profile / Main Profile / High Profile
Video Bitrate32 Kbps~16Mbps
Audio CompressionG.711a/G.711u/G.722.1/G.726/MP2L2/AAC/PCM
Audio Bitrate64Kbps(G.711)/16Kbps(G.722.1)/16Kbps(G.726)/32-192Kbps(MP2L2)/16-64Kbps(AAC)
ImageMaximum Resolution1920*1080 Main Stream50Hz: 25fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720); 60Hz: 30fps(1920 × 1080, 1280 × 960, 1280 × 720)
Third Stream50Hz: 25fps (704 x 576); 60Hz: 30fps (704 x 576)
Image SettingsSaturation, Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness can be adjusted via the client-side or browse
Exposure ModeAE / Aperture Priority / Shutter Priority / Manual Exposure
Focus ModeAuto Focus / One Focus / Manual Focus / Semi-Auto Focus
Area Exposure / FocusSupport
Image StabilizationSupport
Day/Night SwitchAutomatic, manual, timing, alarm trigger
3D Noise ReductionSupport
Picture Overlay SwitchSupport BMP 24-bit image overlay, customizable area
Region of InterestSupport three streams and four fixed areas
Network Storage FunctionSupport Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card (256G) offline local storage, NAS (NFS, SMB / CIFS support)
Smart FeaturesSmart DetectionCross-border detection, area intrusion detection, entering /
leaving area detection, hovering detection, personnel gathering detection, fast motion detection, parking detection / take
detection, scene change detection, audio detection, virtual focus detection, face detection
InterfaceExternal Interface36pin FFC (Network port, RS485, RS232, CVBS, SDHC, Alarm In/Out Line In/Out, power)
General Working Temperature-30℃~60℃, humidity≤95%(non-condensing)
Power supplyDC12V±25%
Power consumption2.5W MAX(IR, 4.5W MAX)



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