2km Smart Laser PTZ Camera

Short Description:

UV-DMS2132 electronic sentry product is based on back-illuminated ultra-low illuminance starlight-level high-definition visible light imaging technology, AI intelligent analysis technology, laser lighting/ranging technology, sound and light rejection technology, wireless transmission technology, power control technology, press Intelligent, high-energy, light-weight, modular, and military-oriented design principles, a smart laser camera that integrates day and night monitoring, intelligent analysis, and active defense. It has the characteristics of wide application, flexible deployment, unattended, high degree of intelligence, and strong environmental adaptability.

Product Detail

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All-time and all-weather work: high-definition visible light, laser night vision day and night combined detection means, to achieve full-time, all-weather, large-scale target rapid search and close-range detailed observation;Multi-dimensional perception: support a variety of classification recognition functions, support optional laser ranging, support access to a variety of sensors;Highly intelligent: support vehicle, ship, and person detection, classification, and recognition; support target tracking, screening and filtering; support AR intelligent information fusion linkage;
Active defense: support tweeter + flashing lights to deter/reject criminals;
Pitch: -90°~+90°, horizontal 360° continuous rotation, 720° three-dimensional space full coverage;
Level: 0.01°/s~100°/s; Tilt: 0.01°/s~80°/s, high-speed start and stop, self-adaptive focus and speed, accurate target positioning;
Self-diagnosis and self-recovery: Supports life-long management, fault self-check, front-end storage, resumable transmission, power-off memory, remote restart/upgrade, which greatly improves the user experience and reduces the cost of use


Part Number


Detect Distance


Visible Light

1. Sensor type: ultra-low illumination starlight CMOS
2. Minimum illumination: color: 0.0005Lux; black and white: 0.0001Lux; 0Lux (IRON)
3. Lens: 7mm~322mm 47x optical zoom, 16 times digital zoom
4. Image processing: support white balance, electronic shutter, frame accumulation, backlight compensation, glare suppression, 2D/3D digital noise reduction, electronic image stabilization, wide dynamic
5. Day and night light: 0.4-0.75um visible light wide spectral window and 0.8-0.95um near-infrared spectral window day and night independent double light windows to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of imaging light and stray light
6. Support electronic fog filter and optical fog filter

Laser Illuminator

1. Laser type: new infrared GHT-III high-definition flood homogenization light source, no speckle particles
2. Illumination angle: 1°~20°, DSS digital stepping illumination angle control technology, 0.1° precise follow-up control, automatic tracking or manual fine-tuning intelligent matching
3. Irradiation distance: 1000 meters
4. Control mode: three modes: forced on, forced off, and photosensitive automatic control, all of which can be set remotely


1. Visible light resolution: 2592×1520; 2560×1440; 1920×1080; 1280×1024; 1280×960; 1024×768; 1280×720; 704×576; 640×512; 640×480; 400×300; 384×288; 352×288; 352×240
2. Video encoding: H.265/H.264/MJPEG, supporting multiple streams
3. Video bit rate: 32Kbps~16Mbps
4. Audio coding: G.711A/ G.711U/G726
5. Image flip: left and right/up and down/diagonal
6. OSD settings: support OSD display settings for channel name, time, pan/tilt position, field of view, focal length, and preset name settings


1. Fire spot detection alarm: threshold 255, target size, target number 1-16 can be set, automatically select the most prominent target display, hot spot tracking
2. Intelligent analysis: support for intrusion detection, cross-border detection, entry/exit area detection, motion detection, wandering detection, people gathering, fast moving, target tracking, item leaving, item picking; human/vehicle target detection, Face detection; and support 16 area settings; support intrusion detection people, vehicle filtering function; support target temperature filtering function
3. Automatic tracking: support single scene tracking/support multiple scene tracking/support panoramic tracking/support alarm linkage tracking
4. Intelligent information fusion: support 512 AR intelligent information fusion, support fire point, intelligent analysis video identification information fusion, support azimuth angle, field of view, focal length, multiple information fusion
5. Image fusion: support 18 dual-light fusion modes, and support picture-in-picture function
6. Alarm management: Support alarm snapshot upload

Gain Functions

1. Ranging: support passive ranging; support optional laser ranging
2. Support audible and visual alarm: the device integrates a tweeter + flashing light, and supports custom alarm sound
3. Support alarm linkage fire protection device
4. Camera diagnosis function: support network disconnection alarm, support IP conflict alarm, support illegal access alarm (illegal access times, lock time can be set), support SD card abnormal alarm (SD space insufficient, SD card error, no SD card), Video occlusion alarm, anti-sun damage (support threshold, occlusion time can be set)
5. Lifetime management: health index recording function, supporting working time, number of shutters, working temperature, extreme temperature, etc.; accumulative working time of each motor of zoom lens and pan/tilt, etc.
6. Support for resuming transmission after disconnection
7. Power-off memory: support to restore the position before power-off, preset position status, cruise status, and line scan status
8. Remote maintenance: with fault query, self-check, remote restart function; online upgrade, remote upgrade
9. Key frame setting: support 100 levels of adjustable key frame interval
10. Configuration file: support configuration file import and export functions
11. Web access: support WEB full-function configuration, remote online upgrade

Security Control

1. Support illegal access alarm: the number of illegal access and lock time can be set
2. Support three levels of user authority management, administrators, operators, and ordinary users
3. Security mode: authorized user name and password, support IP whitelist and blacklist, MAC whitelist and blacklist
4. User login and lock by mistake

Pan tilt structure

1. Rotation speed: Horizontal: 0.01°/s~100°/s; Tilt: 0.01°/s~80°/s, support focal speed speed adaptive
2. Rotation angle: horizontal: 360° continuous rotation; pitch: -90°~+90°
3. Structural material: micro-turntable quasi-spherical design, integrated 5-window multi-channel, precision cast high-strength aluminum alloy material
4. Window glass: infrared/visible light efficient anti-reflection optical glass, clean film coating
5. Surface spraying: PTA three anti-corrosion coating, anti-corrosion
6. Wipers: support intelligent automatic wipers
7. Defrost: Defrost the visible light window
8. Preset position cruise: 3000 preset positions, support 16 cruise routes, each can support 256 preset positions
9. Watch function: preset position/pattern scan/cruise scan/vertical scan/frame scan/panoramic scan/apple peel scan/horizontal fan scan line scan
10. Support 3D frame selection zoom
11. Position information: support angle query/real-time return and positioning; support lens field of view return and positioning
12. Zero point correction: support the northward zero point remote correction function


1. Communication and control: 1 RJ45 Ethernet port; 2 alarm inputs, 1 alarm output; 1 audio input input, 1 RS485 interface
2. Protocol: support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DNS, NTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP network protocol; support ONVIF
3. Development interface: support SDK secondary development


1. Working voltage: DC9~36V, externally equipped with AC220V or battery-powered adapter
2. Rated power consumption: ≤40W
3. Peak power consumption: ≤60W


1. Working temperature: -40℃~60℃
2. Working humidity: ≤95%
3. Protection level: IP67
4. Anti-salt fog: in the PH value of 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spraying for 96 hours, no change on the surface
5. Electromagnetic compatibility: anti-surge 6KV, anti-static 8KV contact/15KV air

Volume and Weight

1. Weight: ≤10kg
2. Dimensions: 312mm×200mm×296mm (length×width×height)
3. Installation method: Formal mounting/side mounting/wall mounting/hoisting/vehicle/Tripod

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